😳 Topics For June 2024 😱

😳 Topics For June 2024 😱

So for this month, like last year I’ll showcase 19 topics that was not covered earlier and out of them all, one will be chosen as the winner. Now Andrew Tate won the prior year here, and for a while, his legal problem looked to be subsiding, but it escalated a few weeks ago, so keep watching that. With the slew of topics to discuss this year, I have no shortage of opinions to regale you on. First up . . . . . . .


So you saw what happened to Donald Trump. He was found guilty on all 34 Counts. His case was Tried in The Southern District of New York, where the likelihood of him getting a fair Trial as a Political Juggernaut was slim. Now the outbursts of some people in Trump’s Circle is to refer to the American Political Justice System as a Banana Republic, and I’m telling you to stop calling it that because a Third World Nation would not have done that to Trump. You’re discussing a stereotype of underprivileged nations across the globe trying to help their regions to survive and compete against the whims of other more powerful and stable Countries taking advantage of them. You can look at how Mexico, The Caribbean, Central & South America, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, and some parts of Europe solve problems, and what they are currently doing or ever did, looked better than what happened to Trump in that Courtroom. Planned from the start. What you have been watching since he left Office was staged attempts to make sure he can’t come back, while the Leader of your current Political Party in Office also has questionable legal circumstances. For Joe Biden to come out saying how great the legal system is here and how it is just, and the cornerstone of the Country, in the face of what happened is ludicrous. No one is above The Law, but there are people who still are, and way more guilty than Trump. The activities of prominent people in The Democratic Party were long exposed, yet none of them are in the same kind of legal trouble as Trump. His private problem is trivial compared to their wantonness. A Banana Republic would not have done that. They are way more sophisticated. I would call America a First Rate Sub-Class Culture with all the slackness that goes on here. You no longer are the proper Model of The World to follow and this is another proof among the many misses under POTUS 46 with The Border Crisis, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the continual mass re-distribution of our wealth, taking from our Communities to give excessive Foreign Aid to another World Leader who provoked a war with Russia, to now trying to tell another World Leader, Netanyahu to not fight to defend Israel when they are your Ally due to fears of The Middle East becoming unstable. Well, there is a thing called cause and effect. When you lost Afghanistan, and are now trying to half-ass help Taiwan, against China who has a political legal right to the place, and your Enemies across the globe is seeing your actions and thinking about it, well, you have a Wounded Wing, America. Ofcourse some Middle Eastern Rival is going to want to take their slingshot, place a good stone in it (Missile) and strike at your heart (Israel) in The Middle East. Their People are here seeing the foolishness and realizing it’s time to strike. They never did this under Trump, yet you want him out of Power indefinitely like anybody fears you. What’s going on people is The Person or Persons actually running this Country does so through Proxy. So keeping Joe Biden and his Constituents in Power for another 4 years is pivotal, that’s why in the beginning stages of his Presidency, he kept saying things like ‘they won’t allow me to do this’ and other terminology letting you know that HE is not the one making certain decisions. So blaming him like that is in error, however it looks bad on him. The Programs he instituted under Covid-19 that should have been available to The American People long before any Pandemic situation, have now dried up so that Single Mom and her Child for example living in odd rural or urban places still without certain resources have to travel out somewhere just to use a Public Wifi. When the commercials a couple years back were on television showing the problem in Middle America and not them alone, he got on TV making commentary about it and enacted The Affordable Connectivity Program among his other Care Packages for Vulnerable American People. Now that dried up because Ukraine’s President needed more money on top of the excess they got a couple months ago. So Americans living at or below the poverty level out here complaining, are now dealing with the same problems they had prior to Covid-19 as they are still struggling to recoup their lives from the effects of that. With the many once vibrant and thriving businesses closing across The Country, where are the opportunities for The Working Class? Where are the business incentive programs an Entrepreneur can partake in to build and expand to be able to offer Jobs? America is wearing thin. Canada, Mexico and other Places shouldn’t be doing better than you. I can go on, but I have other topics to cover.


America’s pussy hole is wide open at The Border, available to any Foreign Rogue willing to entertain her drunk mentally ill wanton ass, going amongst them looking for company when she is already saddled up with somebody in the heart of the land, faithfully going to work each day and tending the home but can’t legally do anything to change it since currently the law only recognizes her right to that questionable lifestyle. What we’re looking at is a relatively young Country enveloped in some wayward ideas, and is now experiencing an identity crisis. You see America as a young child ran away from home being a vagrant in the streets not wanting the care and tutelage of her rich British Parents, and so they sent some people after her. The Kid began talking about strict rules, abuse, and wanting independence and freedom and so forth to these Authorities, and began fighting with them. Her Parents fought back legally and with arms, but the young Kid got her way, escaping as other nations watched and agreed that she should have her freedom, much to the grudge of her British Folk. Eventually through her rebellion, America got what she was entitled to since 1776, and began building her life and making a name for herself in the World being a leader in the industrial age, civil rights and diplomacy. And for a good while she carried herself distinguished with strength and pride, gracefully sporting her many successes, making friends and also attracting enemies jealous of her power and accomplishments. And as time went on, some of the corrupt and bizarre ideas of a few people in the global community began to take hold in her mind where she began questioning her own identity. Though she was still sound of mind through her sexy rock n' roll partying heavy with alcohol and drug years back in the late 1950s to around the year 2000, where she entered rehab for a decade and came out fine for a while and doing well, but these days her soberness is more a problem. The idea of you now wanting to be a guy, and you got rid of your beautiful buxom blond image and your feminine voice for a hoarser sound, and mannish look, and now you’ve taken up these concepts of questioning gender, and attempting to remove them from your lexicon. You’re hanging out with weirdos and neglecting your responsibilities. You’re now spending your wealth on overseas causes that don’t benefit you, and you now identify with Vagrants moving about your cities looting your stores, trashing the place, and defecating on your property and you’re fine with that, because you're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, having been mentally hijacked by some strange people ministering some shit to you, and you’re perplexed by the ideology of this sub-group of people guilt tripping you and pilfering any doe they can rip off of you because you done conquered The Known World already with your military might, that the only shink in your American Armor was a weak mind.


It’s now Thursday June 6, 2024. I’m sorry to title this segment that way, but it’s true. And I was not going to say anything about my visions, but last night I saw Senator Marco Rubio on the news talking about the continued Migrant influx at The Border into this Country and how it’s just a matter of time until a terrorist attack happens, and I had to agree given my powers. Almost 2 weeks ago during my meditations I saw a quick glimpse into the near future of what looked like a terror attack. I only saw where, and how, and kind of what time of day it will take place, but not a specific date or hour, and I won’t say much either, as it was successful but something about the intended agenda of it, did not really give me cause to make a big deal over it. If it happens, it further confirms my Seership. I have an Occult Policy I live by and I was not going to say anything and just let it pass, but once Someone or Something pops up touching on a Subject Matter, then The Universe made a Chess move I must respectfully acknowledge given my Spiritual Code of Conduct with The Higher Forces to dutifully impart to you my knowledge for your benefit despite certain mundane conflicts affecting me, which The Universe will eventually remedy. As you all know in previous articles, since 2022 I have been battling malicious cyber-attacks on my quality of life by a Hater I met in January 2011 over-reacting to the beautiful and radiant things he’s seeing me do just because he’s an average-looking narcissistic government agent with unbridled access to things, and I fear for the well-being of this Country because terrorist attacks and other kinds of stuff can happen when poor decisions are being made at the very Top, not knowing Who is Who. You have a federal agency that is staffed with a good percentage of the wrong kinds of people working in it abusing their authority, mis-identifying law-abiding persons to harass, based off their prejudice or in some cases, unrequited love why he or she is hating on a person, trying to hurt their livelihood. And some more of this got exposed the other year by 3 FBI Whistleblowers testifying to Congress. I’m not the only psychic out here, but I might be the one to pay the most attention to. The ones working within the government if any, might also be accurate, but we’ll see. I know NYC’s Top Cop Officer Caban, was asking The Public for help the other day concerning any possible terrorist issue, stating a popular refrain, ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ and several years back I made a video entitled, ‘If You See Something Say Nothing’ and I will have to find a lot of my old stuff to re-upload elsewhere other than Youtube since my 2022/2023 issues as all that content on there was fine for about a good 13+ years without a problem until FBI Man decided to peek his interest into my life so obsessively like an immature boy in High School bothering a nice girl, so I deleted my material which was creatively showing a decade old story captured in time, and other subtle or overt things I was trying to portray, which I’m explaining now when you the audience could have inferred certain things on your own following my Social Media without my stating it. So anyway, the gist of what I was saying given my own private experience with that law enforcement agency, was maybe just letting something happen and not caring too much might be the way to go, and I know that’s easy for some people, but Empaths like myself have trouble accepting a lifestyle like that when we know better. What The Feds cause to happen sometimes through their unnecessary aggressive tactics in how they go about policing certain communities, is turn people off where they no longer trust The System or the Society they live in why he or she no longer make reports, finding other ways to handle a situation, and can walk away. And the missing link for a Cop solving his case is that person deliberately unavailable and /or uncooperative and justly so. And I’ll argue a step further, some Potential Criminal Types can look at these situations and read a System well to know enough that they can take advantage of something and commit an Offense quietly or brazenly without fear of persecution, because of the nature of the legal system being corrupt that even the Ones in it who swore to serve and protect have become Criminals themselves operating in it with a license to target innocent people. So how can your Country be taken seriously Policing other Nations of The World that may have a slightly more just System? The American Justice System appears to be more controlled by greedy Social Media Giants making Back Office deals with Persons in Law Enforcement illegally building their wealth by covertly utilizing the identity, property and influence of particular unconsenting persons they take advantage of, avariciously using sales funnels and other cyber-tools bilking a person’s right to earn their own income off their own enterprise. In the face of corruption, there are systems of justice higher than the ones of Man where it affects your very Soul and far reaching generations forth, that the immoral activity you engage in this lifetime, is not worth the spiritual damage you incur along the way as the judgment can be profound enough to subtract something very materially significant to you, or it might impair your genetic code and karmic blessings in this same or another life, or it may very well wipe out your bloodline in a way where the expunction barely leaves a spec of any history of you or your linage.



Well it’s sad that the whole thing as reflected to us happened. At the beginning of the onset of the incident as high profile as it was, looked like a scheme. the way my conspiracy mind works because most things are political and not by chance given certain earmarks of it, but it played out to where it looked like what they were saying, and so I went along with that when I reported on it, but always kept a side mind for what seemed off to me because I don’t know why an incident like that should play off unless it was a covert way to do something they thought was inconspicuous. So as she talked and talked about the experience with Robin Roberts, it kind of confirmed another underline theory I had at the time as it was going on, but sometimes you don’t say those things at the same time it’s happening due to the judicial sensitivity of the matter and in her case, the international concerns at the time because it was during the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine, so you go along with the public mantra ‘Bring Brittney Home’ and the niceties and so forth and leave the conspiracy theories alone til such a better time to tell. And now with the rest of information made to the public, whatever you and I were speculating might be so. Brittney Griner went from being like Colin Kaepernick, protesting the American Flag and the Countries Values against factual and perceived historical racism, to now embracing American soil, standing and saluting the flag and so forth due to an unfortunate incident at a Russian Airport, when prior, she had no problems and thought fondly of Russia and her experience there. Any of the 2 conspiracy theories can work you know, whichever one you prefer. Brittney said her wife always packed her bags and was careful, but this time due to giving her the perfect Valentines Day, she did not want to bother her with that and packed her own travel bags herself forgetting to check each compartment. And her answer to people who question that is ‘Have you ever just forgot something like leaving your car keys in the car?’ It may be even more questionable saying that as people would perceive it as being careless than a plausible explanation for all that happening, but conspiracy-wise, you have to give some answer I guess. If she got discreetly setup to teach her a lesson to appreciate America, then it would more confirm he previous disdain having done that to her. And with the other conspiracy theory, sending her over there in the guise of being there as a known athlete due to some ploy having to do with meeting some Official for American Diplomatic purposes and then having that play out, was how I imagined that. Did her incident have nothing to do with either theory? Perhaps. So what about the trade that happened to get Brittney returned home and Whelan being left back still, while Russia now has there Top Arms Dealer back? What political purpose did all this serve?


Natural born Women and Men should be competing against one another respectively in Sporting Events. Trans-Men and Trans-Women are supposed to be competing in their own Sports Games against one another.

____________ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🥇 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🥈 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🥉 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 ____________


We’re in the middle of 2024 with the Arab versus Jew conflict re-awakened since last year where any side could win. Though Israel has America and their powerful Allies, Palestine has the rest of The Middle East and Countries adverse to America. I’m not on any particular side for spiritual and ideological reasons but that doesn’t stop me from sharing perspectives. The linage of both Peoples knew of my divinity in the distant past worshiping The Goddess before Monotheism took hold advancing Yahweh / Allah / Jehovah and His respective other names as the Sole Deity displacing the long standing Sovereignty of Devils prior to Christianity. Since then, the region has become unstable. So I can make an argument for either group having exclusive right to the land. Regarding this topic, I have thoughts I’m keeping to Myself as I know better and am paying attention. So I’ll state to The Arabs, if you want to be heard, stop calling it Palestine, and refer to the Property as Ishmael.


Awhh. Things were going so well till they became divided over one topic, Israel. Well there are all kinds of interesting things that happen watching certain Media Personalities when particular things come into play given the moment, and who is influenced by whom. And I am referring to things happening behind the scenes that might not be readily known to the public. People should never be made to compromise their core belief system for a dollar. If you don’t from the start perceive what may affect you going forward before taking a job, it can sometimes become a disastrous issue later on. The things that should not matter when taking a job, MATTERS sometimes. Your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, creed and so forth. If you don’t hold the same or similar core beliefs of someone running an operation, that may be an issue because it’s what their whole thing is about. Likewise if an Employer, has an issue with your Faith or perceived Beliefs in general, you might not get hired. And although there are laws about discrimination, people still practice it. They can hide behind other excuses for firing you. Sometimes your Society claims they respect you and your rights but prove otherwise. And making certain moves on your part, that may seem adverse to them is justified.


Many Black Democrats are supporting Donald Trump because his policies right now in many ways are better for The Country. Voters of all sizes, colors and walks of life have lived under both President Biden for 4 years and Former President Trump For 4 years to get a feel of who they prefer the most. The only other option, is one Independent Candidate name Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., whose policies are a fit for any Voter undecided about Biden or Trump, and may prefer a brand new person in The Oval Office.


In his own legal matter concerning phone hacking, Prince Harry traveled back to England on his own to sit in a Courtroom battling his case against intrusions in his life, and he won his suit. And recently, just a few days ago, he won a partial appeal to get the Royal Security he is entitled to. So amidst all the speculation and hate, this man managed to succeed in getting somewhere legally with his situation. And I’m glad he did it on his own. He needed to. With all the things working against him, Meghan Markle was right to stay put in America and not let his Haters make a Spectacle of her being there. They were on The News complaining about why she isn’t there to support him. Well, that would be nice, but given The Royal Climate, would it had fair well?

🚢 🏌️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️⛳ 🏞️ ⛲ 🌱 🏨 🛎️ 🛍️ 🪙 💸 💷 💶 💴 💹 💰 🧧 ⛵ 🏝️ 🏊 🏒 🏇

So now it’s Sunday June 9th 2024 and it so happens to be The Puerto Rican Day Parade you can read about,here. So for the start of the month I already decided that Donald Trump was The Winner given his troubles, and then I posted 9 topics already with 10 remaining. So below is the video I did on it June 1st 2024 along with the 2 outakes on Youtube, which I posted today on my Ferrelux Community Site on Substack. Stay tuned at the end of all my posted topics where I disclose WHY I chose Trump for The Win.

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And now it’s Friday June 14th 2024. Hunter Biden might have been able to escape being found guilty and convicted on all 3 charges, had he just ran for President either sober or semi-sober. It all could have been prevented too had his Father got involved early in the legal stages of it, rather than being honorable where the law is concerned. When he first took Office, Joe Biden said publicly that he would not get involved in peoples’ legal cases and let The Judicial System play out the way it might in those peoples cases we were all eyeing. Well, on its own, that philosophy would have worked if there weren’t any seedy issues including his own. And a sweetheart deal would have worked, but it went sideways in his case. Remember, we don’t know what may be going on behind the scenes. With Trump being convicted, and his case came after Hunter Biden’s issues, how can The Powers That Be, validate letting Hunter Biden be free? What could have worked had they put some thought on it earlier well before it exasperated to this, was start working on him campaigning for President despite all that shit since his father was coming into question. Are you really going to push Joe Biden for another 4 years? Does he really want the job? Or would it had served his purpose better to use Hunter and let him lead since Beau did not get a chance to? Again, we’re not sure what’s happening behind closed doors. When last I wrote about Hunter Biden a while back, I was cute with it playing on his name, Hunter in a story-like manner given how he would dodge his legal problems and get out of the woods. Well, he was supposed to succeed without tripping up. There were a couple of scenarios in my mind that would fair well. It was mainly put out there as an allegory or metaphor however you took it. His father particularly would help. I’ll have to go back to that article and add an update and post the link here. Anyway, the politics is a mess here. Many peoples’ convictions could have been avoided from the get-go. When you are in power, The Leader, The Advisor, or Whoever need to be seeing well beyond the scope to infer possibilities from this move or that move. Even if a mis-judgment occurs, you’ve got to be able to think of a counter-plan to quickly move to correct something. Sure, it’s fun seeing someone’s demise until you too end up in a mis-step and begin going down that slippery slope, and then what? When it starts affecting the people at the very top, Democrats may think it looks good, and in another time period maybe, but it looks more like a weak empire. Like something is wrong. So when you get rid of the lot of Candidates you would expect to be in the Circle, Who is fit to lead?

So now it’s**Wednesday, June 19th 2024, known as Juneteenth in America and I’ve written below on 3 more topics.


I hate when someone does something in their own cute way and it gets somewhere and then somebody else brings their own bad vibes into it and mess something up for everybody. By this I mean Myself and Someone taking note appearing to be inspired by my activities and perhaps the work of others also. How long have you seen me doing subtle an overt occult stuff with this Work and other things I do, also incorporating Latin into it whenever I choose? For ages, right? Well the idea would appeal to those of a certain Class and interest, . . . not to be exploited by Someone perverting the concept. Well, the people behind DEI is making a mockery of God in a way. By Itself, radiating the right energy, I would have no problem with D iversity, E quity & I nclusion, but I Overstand what is happening here. While the idea seems lofty and “Good” there is also some people who think they are Enlightened trying to Present The Devil in a mainstream kind of way using ordinary concepts in everyday life as a cloak. And because the time draws near for an Appearance as the Biblical Prophecies states, THEY have to find a way to create the right atmosphere and a Person like me, can see that and am Calling it out because that’s not how HE would do things. First of all, on a Christian level, the concept would be great if it actually represented Us All, but the practice is more meant for recruiting some people that The Almighty clearly does not approve of, yet you are using One of his Holy Names. On the Satanic side, HE IS The God Of This World to invoke, but you’re using mere Mortals who believe in other things aside from His exclusive glory as if they are a Party to Him. I’ve always said, leave the Satanism, Luciferan, Devil Worship stuff to the actual Believers and let Us present something. I pointed out in prior articles from June 2023 onward my recent struggles with Someone and his Team acting a fool over my work. Can you guess why? Part of it has to do with this same thing. When you have a Well of Ideas and are presenting it in a sound manner and it looks good to somebody, it might attract a flawed soul it was not meant for who has their own agenda, and he or she might start bugging over it wanting to use the concept in a twisted way it was not meant for, and you the audience need to recognize that. You can always tell a True Creator and the depth of their work from a Trickster, Fraud, Copycat or Other. Now this DEI thing in Politics is so sad the way they went about it because it is the same Government that opted to persecute Catholics yet you’re using what a Priest might say when addressing GOD. And I’ve generally criticized Christians before in the past for not being more vocal about these types of attacks on the Faith, and I have no problem exposing it for my reasons. Certain things will start to make sense to you about ME when The Time comes.


This is disturbing. So now a new one showed up yesterday in The News talking about the poor safety practices at Boeing when building their airplanes. Prior Whistle-Blowers exercising their civic duty are presumed to have been killed for it. Now in June 2023 when I started doing this whole 19 topics thing, one of them was the Missing Submersible where The Designer of that Vessel took short cuts on safety, yet The Boeing Engineers don’t take stock on that. Would you fly on a plane with a faulty build? People are on them everyday. The proper safety standards have to be adhered to. When I think about ‘Dumbing Down A Society’, it goes all across the board for me. That means The Engineers are not how they used to be or are no longer required to be that technical anymore. Hmm, so this compromises our well-being for profits. In an effort to experiment on using lighter material and so forth, it’s fine if it works without risking the safety of others. If there’s new and sound technology that has been thoroughly tested and found to be safe to use, then the public should be made knowledgeable of it, but Mankind with all the visitations from Extra-Terrestrials so far to our planet has not mastered the science and technology of Aliens to compete. So till then, keep using the bucket you build in the same manner, which still works.


I did an article a while back on the condition in Haiti. I also took the time to do 4 videos in multiple relevant languages on it. At the time, I did reach some people I noticed who appeared to be influenced by it on the different Social Media Sites. And I have been following the issue since. I have a lot to say, but I rather retain what I think for now. I’m aware of grander things at play and what might actually be happening as things unfold, and I don’t want to say. I see the moves this and that Country is making. And I see the sentiments too. For my People, I trust you will know and because We Are One, no matter where we were all scattered in The New World, you will not be forgotten.


Lhisa Mrklon