🪖 Prigozhin: What Could Have Been 🚀

🪖 Prigozhin: What Could Have Been 🚀

☪️ Contrari Reincarnacion Et Karma, Omnes Alii Philosophii Pusillae Et Vadum
✡️ In Contrast To Reincarnation & Karma, All Other Views Seem Petty & Shallow
(Richard Wagner)

Rakim ~ The 18th Letter
The Name راكيم in Arabic Means Kind Or Merciful Person

🎶 Aside from my own symbolic reasons for choosing this track, P is also the 18th letter in The Russian Alphabet, which consists of 33, and that number also befitting a timely incident concerning an issue I’ve been exposing as discussed in prior articles.

🌾 👨‍🌾 🐦‍⬛ 🎃 🌱

Let me first say, that it IS Friday The 13th, and going into Halloween 18 days from now, I chose To Feature Fallen Russian Mercenary Leader Yevgheny Prigozhin as a thank you in that his move on Moscow at the time, though unrelated to my interests writing My June Blog In The U.S., provoked at a fortuned time, a long overdue revelation about The FBI for my 18th Topic, that was bottled up in me, which I meant to get out a few times before, but the manner in which The Truth came out, turned out better this way. Instead of dropping a brief commentary about The FBI Whistle-blowers for my 18th Topic, I covered The Wagner Group's military protest, following Fate as it destined me to finally do a full story releasing all that stuff for July, thus concluding ‘The Scam’ Section on that article October 7th as A Greater Power I pray to intended, marking 33 Months of an incident with Big Tech I contended with. And you'll get why I used that photo of Prigozhin above with him pointing after viewing the
complimentary music videos on that FBI article at the bottom.
The 6th Article Back 👿 (My Power)
The 7th Article Back 📖 (Wake Up Everybody)

First, to break the ice before I begin this sensitive topic, we need to ask Alex Jones if he thinks that was indeed a real attack on Israel or were there Crisis Actors used to stage a war for some global agenda. And he’s one of my favorite Conspiracy Theorists to use for this joke given the recent Court Case he lost. And the answer is, it’s real. And it’s such a pity, because it would have been much better had the whole thing been a farce. Now people have to deal with it.

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Prigozhin! How you’re missed. Your skills at this time would be highly sought after. Though your mercenary group by any other time not affording any risk to Russia, would be useful for either side, most likely Wagner, being “anti-semetic” by it’s namesake would be helping HAMAS. Composer Richard Wagner was a known Anti-Semite, that I chose a reasonably unoffensive quote to head this article, and a rap track touching indigenous and monotheistic faiths from antiquity to now showcasing the length, width & breadth of God’s Majesty to detail further as I go along making my points. So when Warlord Yevgheny Prigozhin made his militant protest across Moscow calling out Vladimir Putin in his televised critical rant which The World viewed, we saw this “new” guy in Russia pop up, possibly poised for Leadership, and I was thinking, ‘Hmm, he has a look. Here’s a figure rising to challenge Putin.’ I braced, wondering what is going to happen because I like Putin, but this guy also shows promise and I hoped somehow it all worked out because they shouldn’t be fighting each other with Russia trying to secure Ukraine. Prigozhin on behalf of his Troops was expressing anger at the many Casualties, and criticizing Putin’s war strategies and his message was felt. Maybe he should not have done it, but sometimes you say what you feel despite potential looming consequences. I felt as bad as that looked, maybe it wasn’t so bad. And then we hear where he and Putin reconciled due to their friendship and he went onward to Belarus, and though that place is hailed as White Russia, the word to me from a Latin perspective means Red War (feminine) all of which is symbolic. So far so good huh? While caught up dealing with my own trials & tribulations concerning Big Brother & Big Tech as detailed in my FBI blog, I was thinking about Putin and the whole thing and also Prigozhin. With part of the world in turmoil, over Ukraine, one false move can exasperate the situation even further. As several more accounts came to light in The American Press concerning speculations about how Putin might really feel about what others perceived as an attempted coup, took a foreboding turn when it finally happened where we hear that Prigozhin’s private plane with him and 9 other passengers onboard shortly crashed in Moscow about 2 months after his march on Moscow, and ofcourse, The Press around the world sounded off on that. It saddened me. Depending on who or where you get your news from, Putin may or may not have been justified. At the time, not all information got out on that to The Public and you can speculate a few things. Before all that, there was talk about a coup. And this is where I’ll leave the topic only to say that I also like Dictators, Warlords, Agents and such because their personalities and strategies prove effective. Whether it’s using an Old School trick or technique or trying something Modern and innovative, A Leader or Leader-In-Waiting can employ and counter-employ ways to keep his or her dominion afloat. When The World was looking for this man’s downfall well before Prigozhin, exciting interest in Russia for a coup, thinking it will help Ukraine’s President Zelensky, it brought out The Agentry in him, remember he’s a Soldier and he is KGB. As I heard the talk on the big screen throughout all that, I was thinking to myself, they are greatly under-estimating this man. And see, I was right. Still to this day, Putin is able to present his Showmanship even in the face of adversity and he’s liked by many. President Zelensky, is also likeable, and in a way I found him interesting when he first came on the scene, but my instincts held me back from growing fond of him seeing all of what he managed to cause ruling Ukraine, as it spilled over to harming his own people, The Jews. How?! Cause And Effect as I’ll explain later in the next segment. For now, farewell Prigozhin. Your exploits in Africa became you. I hear you were big in The Blog World, and it was only fair to accommodate your influence in context to where it concerned me. As an anecdote, if things were different and you did follow through on a coup and took over Russia. What would become of Putin? I like both your characters in a story so I would not end either of you, but for contention, you would have been the new Ruler with your Warlord look going about winning that war in Ukraine and stabilizing the region while Putin is held in a military prison strategizing an escape since he still has some faction loyal to him. And to cut a long story short, he some how gets back into power in a sleuthy way quickly closing ranks on you, but being sharp yourself, YOU escaped capture having previously planned a secret getaway, disappearing into one of the vast regions on the planet you can safely hide until your return, someday.

Е в г е н и й 🪦 П р и г о ж и н

So now it’s Saturday Oct 28th, and I waited 21 days to post this segment detailed with all I want to say due to the sensitivity of those affected by the war because I have to be candid and fair on both sides as I remain neutral on this topic in favor of my own spirituality. It’s sad when dire issues like this pop off due to the consequences brought on by the actions of one or a few. As we lead our lives, remember each day that things happen around us which are seen and unseen to take note of what role you may be playing in it. I’ve done everything in my power to remain true to myself and my audience even while being diplomatic. So if someone is misinterpreting me or misunderstanding what should be obvious, even when my material is presented in an obscure way, the onus is on you to follow and comprehend what I mean here and everywhere you see me. I know who follows my material as I also pay attention to some of these people to notice and comment on their work and present them on my platform where applicable because I value their opinion and accomplishments. You never know who is reading you also that might take up offense to those oppressing you. And as I try to manage my own affairs with my own budget to build and grow towards a goal on my own time, it’s really nobody’s business as to why I didn’t do something or when I might do something. I know my reasons. I also know my situation better than anyone else to move according to my own time. It’s not anyone’s place to wonder why I’m doing a certain thing and what it’s about, to assume the wrong thing and then cross a line trifling with it. One thing leads to another and it becomes BIGGER than what it would have been had the problem been averted or left alone. It’s like disturbing the sanctity of an animal engaged in its natural order in the universe. Some idiot comes along in the eco-system messing with it, and a catastrophe later happens affecting the tapestry. Since my issue in December 2021, I’ve been fighting my giant enemies, that I took the problem on a celestial level since the core of it has to do with that. And you know what, . . . it worked. You see, I know a lot about WHAT is going to happen as I’ve been tactfully relating my views on things for many years over Social Media, and through these articles. I’m a blunt person, but at times I employ cryptic ways of communicating that some people who pick up on that stuff would appreciate. A lot of people can’t handle what I have to say as I learned through the years. Since Grade School, I was dropping knowledge writing stuff till it became an issue in Middle School where my talent did not go unnoticed. In High School, my writing began forming up more a certain way and during College. And recently, it has taken on some legal trappings studying case law. So my journey over time has been an open book to those who know and follow me. My style of art, videos and so on are similar that I deliberately leave certain stuff out there for people to follow a history of something and the transition. A lot of it was on Youtube & Vimeo, until they became a problem. You can see some remaining stuff on DailyMotion, and Myspace. As I discover new sites and rebuild, you’ll see stuff there too. I do this for a reason, as it’s more for YOU than for me. Recently, a Meddler I described in my FBI National Threat article who clearly does not understand messed it up for everybody targeting and infringing on my brand like a damn fool. So now I have something to use indefinitely as an excuse alongside a prior excuse. I don’t feel too obligated to explain much now, or care to show things as I took the care to before, under my own autonomy with Someone in the picture trying to undercut my right to. So The World is void of knowing certain things I intended. While I’m busy trying to manage the trifles, amidst the already burdensome problems of life, I have to cut too many corners leading up to what I want to say that it may come off odd. I’m an Artist, I wanted to portray a dimensional mosaic that makes sense, not different from that of The Ancient World where if you’re looking at that Egyptian Mural right, you’ll notice that it was meant to be a 360 degree image, AND if you are looking at that Sumerian Wall Sculpture correctly, you should notice the subtle depiction The Artist is trying to convey of an other-worldly dimension that god teleported from. I’m glad that the world can see The Feathered Serpent depicted at a certain time in Mexico coming down from The Heavens along the steps of a pyramid. You see, this blog is much like that with the secrets it holds. I only made mention of it while dealing with a group of Attorneys behind-the-scenes regarding a particular case and this was all privileged info I related to them since they didn’t know, as only someone gifted who has been following me for a good while would notice without me having to say. And apparently The Meddler, within Big Brother & Big Tech, reading third-party private correspondence that travels back to Google via Mark Monitor was unaware of my mystery, to be acting a fool over it. Such information was to be revealed to the less observant public over time. Now something is out and some Fool is bugging. And that stupidness serves as a catalyst. It went on oh so long to validate my claims to Almighty God as He observed what I was saying. When somebody in a way is openly calling themselves The Devil or other divine identity, being touched by something other-worldly and there truly appears to be something about him or her, then as a Christian or Jewish person, especially involved in a Covenant with God, you should recognize that and not do or say anything that HE might perceive as a form of Worship of another Deity, even across Social Media. All throughout The Scriptures you see what he does when His People, do the wrong thing. He allows their enemy to succeed. From the beginning when my Trademark problem happened decades after, some idiot made it a sport to keep infringing on it to intensely harass me, involving a Jewish person and others of his kind, it opened a divine problem that a person like me would see right away. In Today’s Time, you need to be smart to recognize pagan temples and places of worship on and offline. I’m one of the better ones, because I’m not trying to deceive you or convert you or trick you into blasphemy. I’m showing you who I AM, also follow my social media. I have a special relationship with GOD & SATAN. I already know certain things. You see me openly relating stuff that later on turns out accurate. I’m just trying to figure out how to tell people how this whole thing will play out and I’m afraid to say certain things because I don’t want to manipulate anything, especially with the wrong person(s) following my stuff and over-reacting to any of it. In ancient times, a Prophet or Seer of some kind, was either appreciated or came under attack just before the place got destroyed but The Holy Person remained or went into the next dimension. There’s an Idiot in the picture with access to all kinds of stuff deterring me. The Fate of this Country is not so much my concern, I’m more pre-occupied with The Will of God, and what he meant in a vision I got many years ago, because I clearly SAW what he meant. If that sounds confusing, it’s because we’re in Present Time where something might still be possible. The activities of The Nuissance in my life right now greatly subtracted from some things I intended which are severely postponed right now. This also affects my viewing audience as many of us have our own personal issues and goals to deal with that is challenging enough each day to be having more problems added to it but I’ll do my best. Right now, I’ll say the atrocities that happened in Israel did not have to happen and I won’t sit here and rub it in by getting into the semantics of anti-semitism describing why this or other group was right to attack you, nor will I say how wrong The Muslims were on a theological standpoint. Where I left off on this conflict was somewhere last year when some attack happened and Israel defended Itself against The Arabs. Had it been vice versa, I would have said the same from a Humanitarian point of view. No one wants to see infants beheaded, women raped, and so forth. What happened in Afghanistan with America failing to stabilize that, led to the war in Ukraine and in some reports, Zelensky was told by Israel to stop fighting Russia and he ignored the warning, and now months later Israel has a problem. When watching the news broadcast, I’m glad Israeli President Netanyahu was visibly taken aback by Joe Biden, because behaving that way makes sense when you know better, with all the Secret Agents everywhere including Mossad, something could have been stopped. Mind you months before when Netanyahu outlawed the existence of The Supreme Court there, I knew that was trouble. The situation there won’t improve. You are surrounded by Arabs who have a right to that land too. Christians with their Covenant with God can also argue a right of claim. Where do I side on the issue? To me, my position for decades have been the same, it is The Land Of Canaan, it belonged to The Canaanites. So any “PAGAN” endeared to The Gods Of The Canaanites in some respect also can dispute original rights (rites) to The Land. While in College many years back when this topic came up in class, I raised my hand and suggested that the land should have a special classification where no nation owns it; it should just be a free territory for the different faiths, and my idea was shot down. The Professor revealed he was Jewish although teaching in a Catholic School and the odd way he looked at the remark and carried on in the class made me realize what I was dealing with because the discussion was not even necessary. The rest of The Students didn’t care too much. I was the only one in the class that engaged his conversation. I read The Bible, so I know that Jesus intends to come back and rule it, right now, anyone battling for control over it, is playing into a curse from the Old Testament where God Himself said what kind of problem He’s going to make happen until The Final Days. Though advantageous territory-wise, it’s still not a place a sensible Ruler should be fighting so hard over to own as if he or she don’t know any better. It’s a Spiritual War. One can even look back in history since WWII to determine whether it was really legal or not to take Palestine away from Muslims who inhabited the area. And then the question becomes, are those people really The Hebrews spoken about in The Scriptures? Many of The Jews Today don’t look like the ancient depictions due to breeding with other peoples on the planet. God does not encourage Hebrews mixing their blood with other nations. See where I’m going here. It opens up a can of worms. One can file a dispute and unravel everything questioning all that. And maybe that might be the real reason why Netanyahu disabled the presence of a Supreme Court in Israel foreseeing a problem that could arise, but that won’t stop it. For many many years people have been questioning the validity of the people we see about us calling themselves Jews. No one really cared too much about them claiming to be Jewish until paths cross, an unpleasant experience happens on account of them, and now identity becomes an issue. I don’t care too much for the word Jew or Hebrew by the way, knowing my destiny, it doesn’t concern me much. The Biblical term matters to The Rightful Owner, just like my argument a few articles back on Ferrelux. You going around infringing on Someone’s brand, identity, trademark, or name can become a grave issue especially with what you don’t know or bring on some divine consequence. The Sword Of Omens belongs to Lion-O, Lord Of The Thundercats. When Mumm-Ra planned some trick to attack that hero and end up with his sword, it did not resonate or work for him. So trying to hold on to something, trying to make it yours will conjure some problem adversely affecting you. And I use that analogy to teach a lesson. The Real Person or People a name, symbol or term applies to cannot be denied. Now I took careful time in portraying my issues a certain way to spell a point. And things will continue to happen if you keep trifling with something. Now, if the people settled in that region are in fact the real Jews by blood and faith, then there is something they should recognize and deal with which is more imperative than politics. In ancient times, it was the first thing they noticed when something went wrong with their relations with God. Now, it doesn’t matter. There was a time when they traced the problem right back to the start of the iniquity, and the person(s) behind it inhabiting the land and corrected the problem sometimes with severe punishment, and renewed their relationship with God keeping their Covenant, which began with Abraham. It’s interesting how Israel got attacked on a Feast Day. What a sign. And Israel is being referred to as a she, when saying Israel must defend himself would be more accurate since Jacob changed his name to Israel, wrestling with God. You must know your history. You know who knows better, . . . Muslims. In terms of following scripture they’re doing better even if it is ignorant at times. Like a devout Christian, they pay attention to the hallowedness of The Creator. They’re not out there randomly blaspheming the name of God. Now if I sound un-Satanic at times writing these articles where spirituality is concerned, believe me, I know where I stand. People think they know God And Satan well, until reality tries them where either deity seems inter-changeable. So Israel cries as she/he is being sacked by Arab Marauders God allows into the land yet The World calls it evil, implicating a Dark Force when God Himself in His Own Words states in The Bible that the evil you see in the world happening to you is coming from Him. So what this should bring to mind is what really happened between him and Lucifer in Heaven, perhaps to be discussed another time if I care to because that is a whole other conversation and when I’m done with you, you too might find yourself more inclined to The Devil. Your relationship with God oh Israel, is an uncomfortable one. You only need to look at one example in the world to see signs of it. That microcosm I shared a few articles back is a speck of it. Ofcourse you can break your Covenant with The Almighty and lose whatever advantage He promised you as His special people. It will free you of your strange relationship and you can go about your business a-whoring after a foreign god or goddess. In antiquity I was a Goddess known by many names and my incarnations. You were fascinated with me then much to the anger of your One True God. I’m now reborn in this present time, incarnated in this flesh, still having the features of my old self from ancient times that you can still recognize me though under a new name as I go through my journey in this life. The abrasiveness of one a little too curious about my name, not understanding what others picked up on, set off a tumultuous course of action that went uncorrected. It was my right to decide how I wanted to tell my tale on my own time and reveal what I felt to as I went along. It was not the right of the person trolling me because it had absolutely nothing to do with righteousness, it was more about anger, jealousy, and greed. The Person, created a problem which reached your Kingdom, and the shock has caused him to cower. I have more to reveal about my background and lots of information to share as we go on, but things are different now on account of my problems. None of what that person did was necessary. It threw off the course we were on. And I thank those of you dedicated to reading my work and endorsing me. The Country is falling apart badly and I’ve been careful in trying to share some insight with you over the years without breaking your heart because the forecast is not good. The Republicans, Conservative & Moderate Democrats and Independents are the only ones adequately trying to rehabilitate the situation. The Country is also going bankrupt. I took the time to write, interpret and expose certain things to try to help you gain perspective. I must be right because look at how I’m being interfered with, and I meant no harm. Someone can’t handle the news. Your Enemies see my Influence. Too bad the people attacking me here are void of spiritual insight to notice that race, culture, gender, and so on, are insignificant. When you spent thousands of years worshiping WHAT, and can’t recognize or don’t know how The Entity might operate and Who It might use, shows me that you wasted time. God operates this way also. He goes according to His Own Time Table. If you are still unsure about how Your God operates, like say why he’s using this person, it shows how ignorant you are. Stay tuned for my next article, as I will offer predictions, but not so fluent as it might set off Someone watching. I just have to term things vague.

Sign 666,
Lhisa Ungelis Mrklon,

👻 Quite simply if you missed the obvious having followed me for any reasonable time but still didn’t get it, well like how Siddhartha became Buddha, and other incarnated deities of ancient times “lived” & “died” so will Lhisa Mrklon, endure my earthly trials and become my Divine Specter known for all time as Ferrelux 🕊️








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