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Business Consulting Services For Americans & Expatriates Visiting Or Living Abroad

Some Of You Folk Overseas Have Been Following Me & My Work For Years, And I’ve Decided To Set Up A Separate Page For Those Of You Consistently Reaching Out To Me At Times With Your Own Services, Or Have Inquiries, Or Concerns About Personally Moving And/Or Operating Your Trade Here In America. Whatever Pertinent Questions You May Have Concerning Your Individual Or Commercial Needs, Contact Me Directly For More Information. The Service Is Currently Free Of Charge. For Now, Rather Than Emailing Me, It’s Better To Contact Me Through My Community On Substack. Also, Nothing Has Changed With The Pro Bono Global Outreach Of The Devil Advocate’s Office, As Your Issues Will Still Be Honored Where Possible. Continue To Support The Social Advocate Causes I Post From Time To Time, As Your Activism Is Greatly Appreciated. ~ Lhisa Mrklon

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