Beware Of Big Tech Cyber Crimes

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Please note that me and my company came under malicious Big Tech attack since December 2021 by unethical stalking activities apparently coming from a Jewish Cabal with billion dollar resources far and wide, that The Public is already aware of, whom are globally targeting various independent-minded people and their productive corporations with intent to obstruct and bring harm, though the person or organization is blameless. Their insidious attacks even go as far as to try to deprive someone from earning a living by closing him or her out of their social media accounts, and then posting private, sensitive or what they know is misinformation about them in the monopolized search engines they control, and attempting to hijack the person’s already established identity or corporate brand. And although their terrorist cyber-criminal actions are brazenly in violation of certain United States Codes & International Laws, they don’t seem to care, but continue to act with impunity. Some of their tactics include doxxing your information where you can see in real time your personal information being manipulated online with them connecting your data to other very outdated sources in the far past that never appeared before in the search engines, and it’s because they have an agenda against you. And so when you contact these people harassing you, namely The Cabal, you’ll notice that their services strangely lead right back to a particular Big Tech Corporation. And why did you come under attack all of a sudden? Well it has something to do with your Power. Certain people are following your ideas, philosophy, lifestyle, and so on, and The Ones who are trying to manage and control US ALL don’t like the alternative views, products or services you are offering. I came under attack because I am not a part of THEM. So pay close attention to my authentic websites and my genuine social network sites, by keeping it here and follow my work.

~ Lhisa Mrklon (Ferrelux)

Ferrelux Still Maintains A Presence On Mainstream Social Media Platforms, But There’s A Greater Interest In Supporting Brands Actively Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

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