🤺The Dark Swords Game Suck⚔️

🤺The Dark Swords Game Suck⚔️

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Lhisa Mrklon
·Mar 8, 2013·

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Hi folks, I had to remove the game link because while setting up this site, I selected the so-called best fantasy games & after trying to play it, I realized how stupid it was, & the game client won’t let you to cancel your account; you’ll have to go to the main site & send a support ticket & hope they respond. On the surface, the game looks like a nice Tolkien type game only to log in to the client & find that there’s a discussion on buying a lottery package. I gave it a chance & there was no commencement of a game at all, just chatter. I’m going through each posted game I have on here, making sure that they are quality games because the nature of my site has to do with credible things I see as good to suggest to others. I have limited menu slots, but if you know of other games that are really good, let me know, because I may get rid of other games, or the game itself may no longer be available.

~ Lhisa

DarkSwords For Windows
Dark Swords Game, skull knight and minotaur

Dark Swords Lair

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