👩‍👧‍👦 Mother’s Day Royal Photo Mishap

👩‍👧‍👦 Mother’s Day Royal Photo Mishap

👑 Quod Nostram Attentione Tenet, Nostram Actionem Determinat
🤴 That Which Holds Our Attention Determines Our Action (Prince William)

🎶“Who The Cap Fit” 👒 Bob Marley & The Wailers

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In lighter times I would have posted a more festive song, but the gravity of the situation also lends itself to my posting this one for another layer of meaning for those with a brain, ha ha.

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In regards To Kate Middleton’s Royal Family Photoshoping fiasco back in March when England Celebrated Mother’s Day, I decided to post my opinion on this topic TODAY as America celebrates it to remark in my short videos below a sentiment of suspicion as my past studies in English History lends itself to speculate a conspiracy to wipe out The Royal Family.


So now it’s Friday May 17th 2024, and I think that The World has watched a young English Woman live her life to enter upon the fortune of finding love with a Prince to one day become The Queen Of England, only to now be told that you have been diagnosed with Cancer. Now where did this come from? It happened out of The Blue. We know that recently King Philip died and around a year later Queen Elizabeth, from Cancer. And we were told that recently King Charles was diagnosed with it. Is The Royal Family really riddled with Cancer? There are so many in England still thriving. Cancer is an issue also in America but people are still living. We know from certain sources that the condition can be induced, but people have survived Cancer. That Young Lady should not be dealing with that. How did she get it? It’s a shock. I have to go there talking about conspiracy theories because the situation looks and sounds like the familiar attack of old. You know, studying your English History, it isn’t unusual to see certain things happening around Court. With King Charles recently slimming down The Monarchy and Queen Camilla getting rid of the traditional role that her Maidens about her are supposed to be playing, may be opening up an issue. I would not have changed a thing. And I want my Vassals. Even before the changes, I noticed some things watching The Royals and how they operated and moved about as I can tell watching The Big Screen, I kept to myself because I thought hmm, maybe they don’t think having someone there with them playing that role is necessary. For example, on occasion you’ll see Kate out doing stuff whether it was a sporting outing or formal occasion or somewhere in between functioning without her Man-At-Arms, and she’s out there interacting with The Subjects and accepting stuff when a Page or somebody is supposed to be handling and inspecting things, while you The Royal stand graceful as your trusted and trained Servant sees it’s okay and hands it to you. And per chance that The Commoner says something wrong or looks at you the wrong way, he or she can be seized and taken to The Gallows. Though our Present Time calls for gentler treatment, still retaining some aspect of discipline is important to command the proper respect. I thought it strange that such formalities were not adhered to, but I let it go not making a case of it cause maybe I was too into how traditional things are supposed to be from being vested in all that Old English Lifestyle when these days they are trying to be Modern. Well, what was great about the old ways was people being in the way. Your odds of survival went up in cases where a would-be assassin trying to target a Royal, would not get close due to that dashing warrior wielding his sword, The Man-At-Arms. That Royal too, was privately trained in arm-to-arm combat to know how to handle him or herself. Also, The Maidens about the Queen, were necessary as they could do things for her. When shenanigans took The Castle, one of them would be astute enough to play some kind of role to protect The Kingdom. Oh Dear, I feel that a certain layer of protection dissipated, and right when Queen Elizabeth was still alive. Your Subjects are supposed to Love you and many of them do, except for the ones you know and don’t know about secretly plotting against you in pursuit of power. Who and what was circulating will be unknown to us still as some strange events of persons getting too close to The Queen at the time was strange enough to hear. And during the time of Diana, Princess Of Wales, she remarked about covert Persons trying to harm The Royal Family. Downplaying that stuff is not cool. It has gotten very real.

Today is Sunday May 19th 2024, Day of Pentecost. Now, at first inception, our beloved Dear Kate was introduced to our World Society betrothed to Prince Harry and we enjoyed their presence as they gracefully moved across The World Stage only for a moment of it to be paused by the tasteless spectacle of The Paparazzi intruding into to privacy of Young Kate’s life as she lied nude sunbathing aloft on private property. There was a Media Storm over her nude photos and at the time like many who knew better, I found the behavior of The Photographers sickening doing that, knowing full well who she was and the dire impact that could have on her. It was hateful and undeserved and also a direct disrespect of Prince William himself. Every measure was put forth to collect all samples of these photos to be extinguished by law, and our young Queen in waiting was able to move forward placing all that lewd drama behind her. We continued to view far and wide her Courtly displays whenever she made a public appearance. We saw her fun side greeting and interacting with People. She’s talented also in sports, playing the piano, knowing Arabic and I presume other languages and might be gifted in other areas. And though distinguished persons like myself still hold to old honored traditions and can appreciate a calibre lifestyle living one ourselves, there are those crass among us offended at the intelligence, discipline and sophistication a person may possess to lead his or her life in a presentable manner and respect it. And so they strive to damage it. That young woman might be targeted. Now who are the suspects? Why hate on Kate? A line segment between one incident and another. Hmm, what could the motivation be? Who would it benefit? In a Cop’s mind it looks a way, unless someone else involved might be trying to make it seem like that person, so you have to be sure. Now a decision was made at some time to accept that young lady into The Royal Family and her rights were secured, plus she has already produced a Prince’s offspring in wedlock. So someone taking issue with that to be making reckless moves now, after the first incident several years back is interesting. So what happened in between?

And today is Monday May 20 2024, Victoria Day In Canada. Now remember when Prince Charles was crowned King? During his historic ceremony, there was a person looking like The Grim Reaper there ominously crossing the mouth of The Church and at the time I deliberately did not include it in my article because I did not like it, and did not want to mar my beautiful article with something ignorant like that. Plus, when I saw the person, at first it came off a way to me, but I dismissed it as Someone playing the role of a character from an Old English Folklore or Myth type character like The Witch of Endor, or King Arthur’s Lady of The Lake innuendo that should be a positive transition of power, but people kept saying ‘The Grim Reaper’ and so I left it at that. So in context now, if it’s so, that person’s theatrical action is showing the attempt to fulfill a promise however they are doing it, and ofcourse The Royal Family would be aware of this issue. The classy way they have been handling their problems in a quiet and private fashion like I do, should be enough, but your enemies sometimes behave in impulsive ways, causing you to have to turn up this other side of yourself, and I hope The Royals figure as such inflicting a counter strike.

Today is Monday May 27th 2024, Memorial Day in The USA, and I take this opportunity to remember the 2 recently deceased British Monarchs, and one who was a Princess that did not get a chance to be Queen but who did in her stead, was her husband’s Mistress. And this brings me back to my topic. There almost always is something going on unknown to the public and I agree with the philosophy of living a controlled cookie cut lifestyle to match one’s image, but you can’t always do that and sometimes showing another side of your situation helps. No one is perfect. There might be jealousy involved and so on. We know that there were rumors about Prince William having an affair with Rose Hanbury, and if so, when did it actually began? At the time way back, was she one of the Women being considered for Prince William as The One To Marry by Her Majesty making the decision before they re-considered on choosing Kate? How is Rose Hanbury an issue now? What’s going on that we don’t know about? Is it even an issue. Infidelity has followed The Royal Family since its beginnings why there was such a thing as Courtesans, which they got rid of. A chosen group of attractive high class young ladies were always available at Court for King and Prince’s Harem, and they had an honorable status to be respected. They had wealth and moved about like Princesses. In the past, depending on what happened, anyone of them could assume The Throne as the next Queen. If a Princess or Queen wanted to be unfaithful, it was done discreetly and likewise, any given moment, depending on what treachery took place, all of a sudden, some Foreign Prince, Knight, Bastard or Other became qualified to usurp The Throne. So is this still going on? Look, I don’t know. I’m not over there at Court. In the past who knew, were The Nobles since they were the ones mostly strategizing to retain wealth and power. In our time now, some other group of people like them having access to The King’s Court should discern. We can only guess. And maybe that’s not happening. If this is all just an innocent circumstance, it’s still alarming due to how it might shake up the natural course of history since some decisions were already made in the Line of Succession. Some have speculated years before this how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might reconcile with the rest of The Royal Family to be needed in some way. Reports say they reached out to Kate. Even if the practice was to expire, the vestige of a Royal Family Linage lives on. And some of us can trace some part of our legacy at least on the generational side of one parent, right back to one-half of our Ancestral Tree somewhere in time to know who the link was and how close he or she was to that Royal to read about it in a history book, also confirming some unique quality about ourself. Ha ha.

Lhisa Mrklon,

Afro-Saxon Queen
Currently Dwelling
In The Former British
Colony Of New York,
In The Realm Of America